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An Orange dragon thing and two dinosaurs by LunarGuardWhoof
An Orange dragon thing and two dinosaurs
Just a smal gift for :icondragon-v0942: including that silly orange dragon thingy and two wonderful dinosaurs, :iconjasonafex: and :iconkabier:

Well since i'm bad at descriptions the models are from their TF2 DinoParty servers.
Five nights at Equestria 2 - withered animatronics by LunarGuardWhoof
Five nights at Equestria 2 - withered animatronics
Hello, hello... hello? Uh, well, if you're hearing this, then chances are you've made a very poor career choice."

We have not been forgotten.... we were just trown there... waiting to take revenge....

After several headaches and weeks of work with :iconwhiteskypony: here they are, the whole Five nights at Equestria gang.


There shouldn't be many changes regarding the normal animatronic models, except for Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, their mouths can be open for them to attack, and they are controlled with Flexes, and for Rainbow Dash you'll need to chance to the 4th skingroup for the eyes to work properly due to Source Engine limitations.

The animatronics were just trown away in a backroom after the original restaurant was comdemned due to a certain event, the place was eventually reopened and new animatronics replaced them, so you can expect them to be.... umm.... angry.... 

Anyway, we added a Ballon Vendor in the shappe of a beloved dragon character! there should be no problems with you, and that.... mangled robot, they might be a bit too active, but keep an eye on them and there shouldn't be any trouble, okay?

And just in case something goes wrong and they try to stuff you into a suit, we've given you your very own Pinkie Pie head! wear it as long as you want.

Uh...Anyways, hang tight. It'll all pass. Good night!


Five nights at Equestria 2 - withered animatronics

GMOD Workshop DL


:iconwhiteskypony: for collaborating with me and creating several models for this pack
:iconpercytechnic: for his wonderful HQ Discord model
:iconsourcerabbit: for creating the image preview

Ceslestia's Royal Guards SFM-Gmod ponies by LunarGuardWhoof
Ceslestia's Royal Guards SFM-Gmod ponies
First of all, these models were originally made by :iconlt-citrusreuben:
I only decompiled the models and did polycount tweaks as well adding them to the new model version made by :iconbeardeddoomguy:

Anyway, Yup, Royal guards compatible with SFM and Gmod!

these models are Alicorn by default, but the wings and horn are bodygrouped. and the grey and white versions are actually skingroups.

Also included their armour as bonemergeable props, now go ahead and Praise the sun.
Commander Firebrand SFM-Gmod pony by LunarGuardWhoof
Commander Firebrand SFM-Gmod pony
Another collab with :iconskellington16: and owned by :iconjoshscorcher:

in case you've been browsing Youtube about pony episode reviews, you've most likely seen this guy.… he runs his channel "FOBEquestria"

And of course, the 2d picture was made by :iconameliathepegasus: 
Hoity Toity SFM-Gmod pony by LunarGuardWhoof
Hoity Toity SFM-Gmod pony
A request by :icondragon-v0942: that end up becoming quite a headache, but here it is!

Hoity Toity, we all know him by his bussines with Rarity and... umm... Big Macintosh....

Anyway, the model was quite hard to make, the sleves are from TF2's tuxxy and the neck tuxxedo and glasses were entirely made by me with the tail and back of the hair but it was :iconwhiteskypony: who made the upper part of the mane and Yukitoshi rigged the rest of things.

Preview made by :iconfruitymilkstuff:

No idea what else to say.


LunarGuardWhoof's Profile Picture
Crescent Moon
I'm the same Screscent Moon/Doctor Whoof from Steam

Just a normal guy who comes from the UK, I play videogames and make Garrysmod ponies for requests.

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